The Journey Begins

Consider  this  more of a grand reply. Now a while ago a descriptive  read written so well with a great  command in language  so happened  to thrill me. It supposedly told a story I’d never  thought both a second and third  party would have such a good grasp on hence it’s little  creepy  nature, but the words investigative journalism  should hold my balls right in place. You see this got me thinking that shouting  revolutionary words and trying  to justify delusion isn’t the only way to inspire, that life isn’t important  except  on the impact it has on others lives. Its always  a pleasure  being on the receiving  end of a life that started so little with a grim picture of the future stand up and shout admirations and look up to an equally  struggling  soul for mentorship.  How humbling could it ever get. Well about the final defeat on the Last paper, I didn’t CRY that there was the biggest  lie (I had allergies)  but here’s the thing. For as long as you strive or dare to be great  there’s  always  a fifty fifty probability  of at times winning (if it so happens  then more power to you)  or coming short. You can always  make it worthwhile  by relishing a good fight  a contrast to the cold timid souls who know neither  victory  nor defeat. I’ve often loved being an introvert,  keeping  to myself . it’s a pact with my inner being to keep my cool and watch the world  but a word or two  shouldn’t  drain my wisdom basket. I treat no one differently and if at all I have to judge then it’ll  be by ones content of character work ethics and principles they live by.  And girl if at all youre in for a little adventure  then hold someones hand, lift that dying soul, that crying baby take uji with that kid who thinks less of him or herself  and just say hi to that person that feels short of your recognition  and in good faith  go your way. The good ones will never forget and I’ve so learnt that changing  the world after all shouldn’t solely rely on the tools of power and  that  today is the only day in all the days that’ll ever be, but what  will happen  in all the days that’ll  ever come can depend on what you do today.  Now I’ve gotten  fond of ordinary, its the closest  to the word ‘real’ that is slowly creeping  out of the picture like the God given dignity  of every human. You mentioned  the likelihood of a slayqueen jamming  my doors at some point in life, well it’s definitely  way to early to brush  that away given my unawareness  of the toll life might take. But for now I’m down with an ordinary one as they come. I’d equate her a little much to you but better (haha).  Walk down a lane and you just might bump on her in an exclusively  appealing  white jeans and a T-shirt  with a ‘sacarsm’ printout, with an incredibly  weary smile directed to a fly or anyone lucky enough to crumble  on it. You should meet  her sometime  and see if y’all  don’t lighten up like sconge. Enough  said,please do have a good one and live long to see such days and long enough to even give my eulogy that is if death itself wouldn’t  have died yet.  I hope it’ll be persuasive to the  deity when the rod is called up yonder.